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Poodles, and Doodles, and Aussies, and Mixes, oh my!  Zero Gravity Flyball Team is an enthusiastic group of folks who just want to have fun with their dogs. Anyone can join, as long as they are willing and able (dogs and handlers both included in that!). Canine members have included everyone from Australian Shepherds, Cavaliers, Labradors, Whippets, cattle dogs, border collies, dachshunds, and more! And a few mixes in there too! As long as you want to have fun, all dogs & their people are welcome to join their group!

Ready, Set….Go! Catch them at the 2023 Edmonton Pet Expo, happening March 11 & 12 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre.

Get ready to cheer, because the Zero Gravity flyball races definitely turn up the excitement AND the volume at the show! Flyball is an exciting relay race sport that has 2 teams of 4 dogs racing over 4 jumps. The goal: to spring their ball out of a special box and race back to the finish line first!  Come cheer on your favourite four-legged athletes–the fastest team to complete with no mistakes is the winner!

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