Motivation and Dogs with Trainer Kristen McKenna

By November 27, 20182020 Pet Expo
Kristen McKenna

Join trainer Kristen McKenna at the 2020 Edmonton Pet Expo as she and her high flying performance dogs teach you a thing or two that might just help you with your own dog at home! Join her as she explores Motivation – how to channel the motivated dog, how to motivate the stubborn dog, and even how to motivate the human! She’s been known to show off some of the amazing tricks her dogs do during her presentations, as well as few agility stunts – always a high-flying, good time!

A veteran trainer of over 20 years, Kristen McKenna BA, B.Ed, DBTMc, KPA-CTP is a behaviour consultant and professional animal trainer with a passion for education and entertainment. She also has experience with many different dog sports, but competes most often in disc. She has taken numerous seminars and done training with various world disc champions. She is also a certified UpDog judge, as well as having experience judging freestyle with Skyhoundz and CDDA.


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