Trainer Kristen McKenna

By November 30, 20212020 Pet Expo, 2022 Pet Expo
Kristen McKenna

Join trainer Kristen McKenna at the 2022 Edmonton Pet Expo as she and her high-flying performance dogs present 3 – yes, that’s right, three – different presentations throughout the weekend.

Pandemic Puppies and Dogs – This is a presentation you are going to want to catch if you’d like to learn a thing or two that might just help you with your own dog at home or ask questions you might be having -whether or not you got your dog during the pandemic! Join her as she explores dog ownership and how it’s looked a little different during the last couple years – everything from socializing to training to how we live with dogs. You’re going to get some know how on how you can ensure your puppy and family is set up for success. If your new dog isn’t a puppy, or your dog isn’t new to you at all, you’re sure to pick up some tips and tricks too! And bring your questions! Kristen is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dog training and behaviour!

Cirque de Chien – For those of you who don’t speak French, that is Circus of Dog, which equals circus of cuteness overload! Watch as Kristen and her team (humans and dogs alike) transform the Doggy Demo Area into a mini circus of the best kind! Watch as these clever 4-legged creatures perform tricks for treats and cheers and fun ensues. See them tame the “lion”, all using positive reinforcement methods!

Dogsports – Catch this fan favourite on Sunday morning only! Some high-flying dogsport fun!


A veteran trainer of over 20 years, Kristen McKenna BA, B.Ed, DBTMc, KPA-CTP is a behaviour consultant and professional animal trainer with a passion for education and entertainment. She also has experience with many different dog sports, but competes most often in disc. She has taken numerous seminars and done training with various world disc champions. She is also a certified UpDog judge, as well as having experience judging freestyle with Skyhoundz and CDDA.

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