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Cats and Birds – Nature Canada is an organization committed to keeping cats safe and saving bird lives.

When cats are allowed to free-roam outdoors, they are exposed to a variety of threats – including diseases, vehicle collisions, and fights with wildlife and other cats. Many organizations concerned with animal welfare urge cat owners to keep their pets indoors unless the cat is supervised or in an enclosure.

Letting cats roam unsupervised outdoors isn’t just bad for cats – it’s bad for birds, too. Many of Canada’s birds are in trouble, and cats add to the many risks they face. While it is difficult to calculate the number of birds killed by pet and feral cats, they are thought to cause a significant portion of bird deaths.

At the Keep Cats Safe; Healthy Alternatives to Roaming presentation at this year’s Edmonton Pet Expo, you’ll learn how to create a stimulating environment for your cat and explore healthy alternatives to letting them roam outdoors unsupervised. See a cat trained to harness walk, a catio (cat patio) and other ways to keep your cat safe!

For presentation times, check out the stage schedule!

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