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Peavey Mart has been proudly serving Western Canada since 1967 – and they are serving our animals and now pets too! With departments that can help you with your pets, livestock animals, and now even urban beekeeping, they have a little bit of everything for all of us who have pets and raise animals.

Peavey Mart is a farm and ranch retail banner in Western Canada offering a unique selection of agriculture, farm and ranch, pet, work wear, lawn and garden, hardware and homesteading supplies for those who enjoy a down-to-earth rural lifestyle. They started in 1967 as National Farmway in Dawson Creek, BC. 100% Canadian owned, they offer just the right mix of ‘Hardware and a Whole Lot More,’ whether you’re a pet owner, an urban farmer, traditional rancher or anything in between!

Be sure to visit their team at their booth at the 2020 Edmonton Pet Expo!

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