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Our next presenter’s passion for training knows no bounds – she even taught her family goldfish to swim through a hoop on cue! Presenting Saturday and Sunday at the 2019 Edmonton Pet Expo, Nina and her dog Turtle will be discussing positive method training tips, dominance theory, aversive tools and chatting about the amazing science driving the training world forward! You’ll fall in love with this dynamic duo, and hear parts of Turtle’s amazing story and progress!

Joining a rescue organization as a foster parent set Nina down the path of training. Within months she was taking on harder “cases”, rehabilitating dogs with an array of behaviors, and eventually went back to school to graduate from the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional program in 2018. Turtle is the second half of her training team, and joined her family through their rescue connections. A former stray, Turtle had her fair share of hard times and extreme behavior such as resource guarding, dog aggression and fear of people. With Nina’s help, she overcame these challenges and they are focusing on advancing pet education in Alberta together!

You can find more information about Nina here!

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