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We are excited to add a presentation by Ned’s Wish to the 2024 Edmonton Pet Expo, happening March 9 & 10 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre! This presentation is Saturday ONLY – so you got one chance to catch it first thing on Saturday! Join Cpl. Mike Drenka and his current PSD Memphis as they present a RCMP Police Dog Services Demonstration. This dynamic duo will go over a brief explanation of the RCMP police dog program, followed by a demonstration showcasing examples of their amazing skills as a human-canine team. After the Demo make sure you head on over to the Ned’s Wish booth (114) so you can meet and greet with a retired hero! Plus, find out more about Ned’s Wish and the important work they do with retired service dogs!

Have you ever thought about how police and military service dogs have supported your community and country? These canine heroes work solely for the love of their handlers and the love of the game that work represents. So, after all that, have you ever thought about who cares for police and military dogs when they retire?

Enter Ned’s Wish – a registered charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of retired police and military service dogs across Canada.

When human police and military personnel retire, they have a retirement fund to carry them through their senior years. While agencies do the best they can once a dog retires, the reality is that as publicly funded entities there are often limited, if any, funds available to support a dog that is no longer actively working. The reality is an unfortunate one: medical issues and associated costs can dictate how well, how long, or even if a dog can enjoy their retirement. At Ned’s Wish, they believe dogs that have dedicated their lives to serving the public should be able to live a long and healthy retirement for their service.

Ned’s Wish bridges the gap between the available funding and actual cost of retirement care for our retired heroes. Their aim is to not only ensure these dogs are cared for after their working careers are done, but also to remove barriers for families considering becoming a retirement home for one of these remarkable animals. Visit for more information!

** For everyone’s safety, animals included, please leave your own pets at home
***All features and promotions are subject to change without notice, especially when it comes to live animals

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