Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club

By November 16, 20182020 Pet Expo
Edmonon Cat Fanciers

We are so excited to have the Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club at this year’s Edmonton Pet Expo!

The Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club is a local not for profit club dedicated to promoting the health and well being of all cats, enriching and nourishing the feline-human bond, and introducing the local community to the wonderful world of purebred cats. The club organizes Edmonton-area cat shows and participates in cat-related activities and education.

Do you know the difference between an Exotic Short Hair and a Domestic Short Hair? Come out and meet a variety of cats, including a British Short Hair, an Exotic Short Hair, a Savannah cat, and a Domestic Short Hair, and learn all about their traits, personalities, and what it takes to properly care for them!

The Edmonton Cat Fanciers will be putting on Mock Cat judging presentations – be sure to come check them out and learn about the fascinating world of cat judging!

Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club

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