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We’re excited to welcome Dana, from SuperPoof Dog Training, to the 2019 Edmonton Pet Expo! Come check out some fun dog demos – she’s bringing some friends to show you different games and sports you can use to make training fun. Disc, agility, tricks, and more are on the menu! Check Dana’s presentations out on Saturday Only!

Dana is a certified Professional Dog Trainer and Trick Dog Instructor! She started working with animals at rescues as a teenager and hasn’t looked back since she got her first rescue Lola, the dog that kick-started her eventual career. Now she has her own business that combines her titles with the experience that she has gained from working with dogs for nearly a decade. Understandably, her dogs Spark and Mafia are rock stars at catching discs, agility, and tricks of all kinds!

To hear more about her work and services, visit her website at!

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