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Cheddar Dogs…because your dog is better than anyone else’s! Look at these treats! Beyond regular treats (or not so regular, because there are some pretty fun shapes!), they do pizzas, burgers, hotdogs, and even happy meals for your dog! Your pup has a birthday coming up? They have you covered – get them a dog cake! And unlike feeding your dog human versions of these foods, every ingredient they use is safe and nutritionally beneficial for your doggo.

This Alberta company uses as a LOT of local ingredients. And better yet, every ingredient they use in their dog cookies are nutritionally beneficial to your pooch! They are from Calgary – so Edmonton Pet Expo is your chance to connect with them here at home and find out more about what they do! They’ll have a variety of treats ready for purchase, and don’t worry – when your pooch falls in love with their fun treats you’ll be able to order online and have more delivered to you! Visit their website to see more treats and order online.

*All features are subject to change without notice, especially when dealing with live animals

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