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Rabbit Agility???…That’s right, folks!! For those of you familiar with the popular dogsport of Agility, how many of you have heard of Rabbit Agility??

With origins in Sweden, Rabbit Agility came to Canada by way of two Calgary girls looking for a fun 4H project. Thus, the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club was formed! The Club has performed at many provincial & national events and we are thrilled to be hosting them at the 2016 Edmonton Pet Expo!

Come out for a day at the races and see these rascally rabbits attempting physical feats normally done by those doggone canines!! The performances can range from High Jump to Long Jump competitions, timed trials, and side-by-side elimination races. From scaling A-frames, tire hopping, running up the “rabbit” walk or through a tunnel, and clearing some surprisingly high jumps, come root for our rabbit athletes!