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The Alberta Force Free Alliance provides a one-stop resource for pet owners who want to ensure that all of their animals are trained, cared for, and handled in a loving and force-free manner. Whether it is at training classes, veterinary services, grooming, doggy daycare, breeders, kennels, boarding, animal events, or retailers. Their website contains a Directory full of businesses that have signed a pledge promising that the dogs entrusted to their care or under their instruction are handled without intentional intimidation, flooding (full force of negative stimuli), force, or pain. That the dog should be handled with as little restraint as is safe for the dog, staff, and humans involved and without intent to cause harm. The retailers listed will not sell or promote any training accessories or equipment that will intentionally cause fear and pain to the dog. Visit Alberta Force Free Alliance (AFFA) at the 2023 Edmonton Pet Expo, happening March 11 & 12 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre, to learn more.