Local Shelters and Rescues

By November 17, 20182019 Pet Expo

The Edmonton Pet Expo is all about supporting organizations that find foster and forever homes for animals in need! We are proud to feature a number of different local rescues and  organizations at this year’s show!

This year we welcome rescues such as CaliCan Rescue, the Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society (GEARS), Infinite Woofs Animal Rescue , Northern Sky Greyhound Adoption Association, the Pitbulls For Life Foundation, the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS), and Boston Terrier Rescue Canada.

Whether you’re looking to foster an animal in need or add a new member to your family, the 2019 Edmonton Pet Expo is a great place to begin exploring all of your options!

Please note that as we believe that adding a pet to your family should never be an impulse decision, there will be no adoptions off of the Show Floor. You are welcome to start the adoption process at the Show, but no animals will be going home with new families during the Show.

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