Dynamo Dogsports

By November 30, 20212022 Pet Expo
Dynamo Dogsports

ARE YOU READY!!! We are already pumped up for the high energy of Dynamo Dogsports! They will be returning to the 2022 Edmonton Pet Expo to not only have a ton of fun with the crowd, but to also showcase some of the different dogsports you and your canine friend can get involved in! Interested in Agility? Barn Dog? Ringsport? Scent Hurdling? or just want to watch dogs running and jumping and having FUN! They got you covered as they touch on all of these!

Dynamo Dogsports is a group or owners and dogs from Edmonton and area who take classes at Dynamo Dogsports, and participate in competitions that let dog handler teams show off their ability in a variety of dogsports.  But they also love to perform for the crowd as they show off incredible agility, phenomenal tricks, and laugh out loud antics. They combine fun and dog sports in demonstrations and performances that wow audiences of all ages.

Find out more about them at www.dogsport.org

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